So I entered The Pioneer Woman's Photo Challenge this week. The theme was "sisters" and this was the photo I entered:

I really like that photo, but it was really hard deciding between that and this next one:

We went to the library today...


Yeah, they were kinda excited ;)

It was the first time I've brought my camera to a public place besides a sporting event of some kind. It felt weird at first, but I was totally glad I brought it!

I absolutely *love* this photo. Mark just stood there on that chair for about five minutes studying a Mario Brothers magazine :)




Don't you just love the library?

Now for the giveaways:
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Till next time,



  1. Oh, I really like that picture that you submitted to the pioneer woman's challenge. The lighting and their expressions are perfect! =D

    Yeah for a trip to the library! I love going to the library. It always smells of good old books. =)
    *gasp* I see empty spaces on your library's shelves! =P Our library is crammed full of books--they're planning to have a new building made soon. I think I need to make a trip to the library soon--I haven't been in quite a while. =D

    Have a lovely evening, Hannah!


  2. Emily Grace, if you only knew how empty our library really is! It's terrible! :P


  3. I adore libraries. I could spend hours there...as long as they don't smell. Some have funny smell, which is rather unpleasant. :) Love these photos!

  4. The library is my second home! :)



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