little treasures

I treasure those moments when I first step outside on a frosty, winter day. The air is crisp and fresh and bites at my eyes and nose. An icy wind plays with my hair and sends small clumps of snow sailing off branches of trees and onto the white, crystal-covered ground. My soft boots are warm at first, but after treading through the snow for a few minutes, my toes begin to get chilled.

I treasure those first few sips of hot tea, with a dash of cream and a teaspoon of sugar.

I treasure creativity. Art really is an amazing thing.

I treasure golden afternoon sunlight streaming through windows.

I treasure lazy days and slouchy beanies and photography.

What do you treasure?



  1. All of these are so gorgeous, Hannah! I love your artwork as well-- you have so much talent! :)

  2. this is beautiful. your photography is stunning. :)

  3. ooh. i love beanies too :) i treasure smiles. like when people genuinely smile when they don't know it. or when they don't know you're watching. xoxo btw these are lovely. especially the 9,10,11, & 12 :)

  4. These are WONDERFUL photographs. I love the sketches in particular. I hope you can stay warm, too!

  5. Creativity is the best. So is sunlight. I like your tree sketch!


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