re-launch partaaay!! || a photo challenge

*UPDATE* I pushed back the entry deadline to May 27th, because there were very few entries. I'm hoping to gain some more in the next week!!

So, as most of you know, I just re-launched the old bloggity-blog. I thought I had to celebrate someway, and to thanks all of you guys for being amazing followers and friends. SO, I'm hosting a photo challenge!!!
I'll bet you're all wondering what the theme is, right?

Black and white portraits.
I love portraits in general, but black and white portraits seem to capture something no other photo can. An essence of beauty, of silence, of whimsy, all deliciously wrapped up together in one image. I could stare at black and white portraits for hours and hours, just soaking in all the details.
So impress me dah-lings! Make me want to keep going back to your photo over and over again.
Unfortunately, there have to be rules, but as rules go, they're pretty basic:

1. Your photo must be black and white and must have a face in it in order for it to be eligible for this challenge (no dip Sherlock)
2. ONE photo per person please! (I don't care if there are multiple photos in the post, but you can only enter one
3. The photo challenge button must be in your post underneath the photo you're entering
4. Keep the photos appropriate ;)
5. Have truckloads of fun!

But you didn't think the winner wouldn't get a prize did you? No, of course not. I'm waaay to awesome to let that slip ;)


I'm so excited about his guys, I haven't hosted a photo challenge in forever. I cannot wait to see all of your beautiful portraits!



  1. I want to enter this, but I'm not allowed to post pictures of myself or other people on the internet.
    Oh well. :(

  2. cool! i'll definitely think about entering :)

  3. I have entered! :) Black and white portraits are so fun. :)


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