i believe an interesting title should go here

i've been a bad blogger, and I'm sure if I were a house elf I'd be beating myself with a lamp ("Bad Hannah! Hannah must blog more!"). I love Harry Potter ;)

anywho, I thinks its about time to tell you about my first day of school! Honestly, it was boring, but still somehow fabulous. The second day was the same but we met more of our teachers. I swear we had a meet 'n' greet in every single class (cue the "my name is Hannah, i want to be a photographer, blah blah blah).

Here are some photos from the first day of school:

I've been thinking over the design. I do like the sidebar-header thing, but I'm not totally feeling it. I really like the colors and the fonts though, so....... i think there could be a(nother) design change in the next few days.... possibly hours....

and, since I've missed posting photos so much, here are a few to make up for the 9 billion days I've been gone:

and here are some from the photo shoot a few days ago:

which photo is your favorite?



  1. Of the last few photo shoot pix, I like the second one. Did you use a hair dryer? Great job!

  2. Great pictures! I really like the one of the deer and the 1st one from the photo shoot!

  3. Glad to hear you had a good first day of school. :)


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