A Post About the Tough Stuff of Life

So in this post, I'm going to tell you a story about a little problem with a bossy friend. If you don't like to hear about other people's problems, then you should stop reading right now, but this particular story is not your typical "bossy friend" story. It's different in an interesting sort of way.

So I really like this girl, but she can get a little pushy sometimes. Here's an example:

At tennis (she's in my clinic) she and her twin sister (who I am also friends with) have been trying to get girls to wear the same things as them. I thought the idea was cute, but what they decided to wear, I didn't have. So they had been on me about wearing the same things as them. My friend would usually say "Next week we're wearing..." and she would tell me what they planned to wear. Like I said, what they were wearing I usually didn't have or if I did have it I didn't really want to wear. Also, a very important fact about myself: I hate hate hate being deliberately told what to do by someone my age or younger. Even someone older (not a grown up) if i think they're taking advantage of me. So this has been going on for about a month now, and when I show up without the outfit they planned, they tell me where to get the stuff  they have. Three times I've told them that I know where to get it, I just don't go shopping a lot. 

So thats the first example, here's the other example:

This has happened twice:
One day I showed up wearing this outfit:
Too cute right?
In the pic its hard to see the frog on the shorts which i think is adorable! :) And my friends complimented it. But later my friend said to me on the court "Hannah do you really think that matches? I don't think it does." 
Now, I really don't care what people think of my clothes. I've always been plain, with a little zing here and there, a few bracelets or necklace.
What did bug me was that she said it out loud in public and not in private. And honestly, i got over that fast. I don't think anyone heard anyway and if they did, they couldn't agree, right? :)
So a this last week at clinic I wore the same shorts but a different shirt that was similar to the one above. This time it was the shorter twin who said that she didn't think that it matched.
Again, she said it in the middle of clinic on the court. I just joked and said "Come on, get with trend! Kate wears two different colored crocs! (she seriously does)"
But thats not all:
Later we were picking up balls and the taller twin asked me, "Hannah do you have any other shirts besides like, white and pink?"
As I explained one of about three other shirts that I had that wasn't pink, she said, almost interrupting me, "Wear it. And wear those shorts that you wore to our house. They were white, weren't they?"
It took me a second to get past the fact that she had just deliberately told me what to do, but worse than that, what to wear. Like I said before, I hate being told what to do by anybody my age or younger.
Well, that's about it, but i'm going to end this post with a goal and a question.
My goal is this:
If she ever tells me what to do or what to where I will just say this:
"Listen, (friends name) I have to tell you something about me: I hate to be told what to do by anyone my age. And no one has ever told me what to wear except for my mom when I was little. I really want to friends with you but I'm not going to wear something just because somebody tells me to wear it."
And I might not have to say that anyway, maybe just the sight of me not wearing the outfit she told me to wear will say enough.
And here's the question:
Have you ever been deliberately told what to wear by someone your age, friend or not?

I hope this post didn't bore you to death :) And like I said, I like this girl, but I'm not gonna be told what to wear by anyone, except for my mom :)     

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