At Grandmas!

I'm posting this from my grandama's computer! We slept over at her house last night because my parents went to Chicago! I slept in my grandmas' bed and she slept in her roommates room and *sigh* her bed is sooooooo comfy!!
Since my grandma watches our cousins every weekday we get to play with them. They are so cute :) The younger one is 1 and every time i say "HEY!" in a funny voice, she imitates me and  says "Heeee!" it's adorable! 
My sister got a ukulele for her birthday and she won't go anywhere without it- so naturally she brought it here. Mark always wants to play it but doesn't know anything so she won't always let him which can aggravate him a bit........Hopefully everything will go smoothly lol! 

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