that time we saw an eagle

Easter weekend seemed like one of those times where
your head hits the pillow and you're asleep for maybe five minutes
at the most, and then it's morning.
But in those five minutes, you had what you thought was
for sure the best dream known to mankind. On that left you
happy and inspired.
We caught up with family, ate too much chocolate, and oh yeah:
We saw a bald eagle.

how was your weekend?

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  1. Okay, okay, that bald eagle is just like, I'm gonna sit up here and look as legit as possible with my awesome coloring and gorgeous wings.
    You captured him wonderfully (which I know is a feat in itself, birds are such finicky creatures to try to capture).

    Your weekend sounds delightful. On mine, I had my brother back from college so it kinda made my week.

    Those dreams. They are your best friend and your worst enemy. They want your time but in exchange they give you the most wonderful dreams.

    That third picture. You captured his wings brilliantly.

    Always eat too much chocolate.


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