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Today, friends, I bring you simplicity cosmetics, an etsy shop that sells all-natural, high quality, handcrafted makeup. Sarah sent me several products to review, but right now I'm going to show you the eyeshadows :)

Vanilla Mineral Eyeshadow:

left: sand // right: vanilla
Ever since I got it, Sand has been my go-to crease color. It's a medium-to-light brown with cool undertones. The coolness of Sand really makes it appear more of a natural shadow in my crease, but it still gives definition. Of course, that's my own personal experience. I'd be interested to see how this works for someone with a slightly darker skin tone.

Vanilla is a pale matte cream-colored eyeshadow that's excellent for highlighting you inner corners or brow-bone. However, I like to use it all over my lid because it really brightens up my eye area. 

The texture of Sand is very dry-actually, one of the driest mineral eyeshadows I've ever used. You would think that this would make it hard to blend and work with, but it really doesn't, which was a very pleasant surprise. It's very easy to blend and build-up without being splotchy.
I would classify this shadow as almost completely matte. It has teeny tiny micro-glitter in it, but the glitter is barely noticeable. 
It's very pigmented, but you can easily control how much pigmentation you want by using different brushes. If I use a fluffy crease/blending brush, I can build up the color to its full intensity, but if I use a shorter, denser brush, you get the full impact of the shadow on the first sweep.

These shadows last incredibly long with a primer. I put them on one Friday morning at around 5:30am, and when I got home from school that day at 5:00pm they hadn't budged. That night, I fell asleep before I could remove my makeup, and the next morning they were still in place. Sure, it didn't look like I had just applied my eyeshadow, but it was very impressive to see how long they lasted.

Here's the look I've been wearing lately with these shadows:

step 1: after applying primer, sweep vanilla across your whole lid.

step 2: blend sand into your crease.

step 3: smudge a purple pencil eyeliner on your top lashline, concentrating the thickness of it on the outer corner.

step 4: smudge a deep plum-brown shadow over the eyeliner.
step 5: smudge the excess shadow on the outer half of your lower lashline.
step 6: make a thin line on your top lashline with a black liquid liner, making a small wing on the outer corner.
step 7: apply mascara generously on your upper lashes, but don't neglect your lower ones!
After that, you're done!

I definitely recommend checking out simplicity cosmetics. What eyeshadows have you been loving lately? 


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  1. Beautiful! I actually don't wear too much make-up, but I love these reviews.


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