baseball season, senior season

greeting pals and gals! (a "Grease" quote. I could probably recite that movie word for word.) Last week, my cousin and I went to a Pirate game after her senior portrait session (those photos coming soon!). Let me tell you, I have sincerely missed baseball season. Even though I brought my camera, I couldn't really get too many photos because 1. my telephoto lens' aperture only opens to 4.5 and the lighting was cruddy and 2. there was a large man sitting in front of me. Anywho, here's the only decent photo that came out of that night.
Jose Tabata taking a cut. I believe he struck-out this at-bat.

Even though the bucs lost, it was a great day and I was so glad to take my cousins senior photos and spend the day with her. We got in some much-needed cousin-ly bonding time.

Do you guys have a favorite sport to watch?


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