life as of late No. 4

001. Spring is hiding.
it's really frustrating me. It's the middle of March, and still everything is dead. No blooms or blossoms, not a thing. WHERE IS SPRING? Ahem. If any of you could mail me some spring, it would make me deliriously happy. I loved Kenzie's post today, I could practically smell those bright pink flowers. Drop by and see for yourself how spring has been generous to her :)

002. I am a highschool basketball fanatic.
the highschool basketball season has almost come to a close, I thought it was only appropriate to mention my obsession extreme support for my team. It's not just me, though. Almost the entire school is keeping up with the games and scores. The semifinals of states are in a few days, and I am SO pumped.   So. Pumped. LET'S GOOOOOO!!!! Okay. I'm good.

003. hannah therese
Alright, I might as well get too it: "beautiful" is now "hannah therese". Why? Because "beautiful" is too cliche, and not memorable. And "hannah therese" is the title that defines me best because, well, it's my name. I also cleaned up the design a bit. Okay, a lot. The previous one was too cluttered, and I like the simple, clean lines in this one. I moved the followers gadget to the bottom and condensed the sidebar considerably. I'm still tweaking little things, but it's pretty much done. And I updated the about me page, so feel free to stop by there :)
All in all, it feels nice and fresh for spring. (whenever spring decides to mosy its way around here...)
Thoughts on the new look?


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  1. love the new look. ;) and spring needs to HURRY HURRY UP!


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