Halloween and a prayer request

What are you being for Halloween? This is my last year going out to trick-or-treat and I'm being a bank robber :) Photos to come!
Also, please pray for my great-uncle, who passed away this morning. Everyone is pretty upset and needs would appreciate it if you kept them in your prayers.


P.S. I changed my design! What do you think?

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  1. Hi Hannah,

    My Great-Papa died on Sunday. Last. I will surely pray for you and your family.


    Why is it your last year? I am being an egyptian princess and my younger sister Emily Katherine is being my servant girl who fans me :)


    I like this design much better. Is it you? That's all that matters. Are the colours your favorite? That's all that matters.

    Have a great night! Don't forget Jesus!

    Meghan Grace


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